It’s hard to believe January 2010 has come and gone. It was a blink of an eye, and one to remember: 10 feet of snow fell at the base lodge and 14 fell at the mid mountain stake. Storms like that aren’t just weather; they’re a journey.

With all the unbridled wind, prodigious accumulation, beautiful moon glow, early mornings, late nights, and that enigmatic anticipation we all feel during a big cycle – it was the promise of sun and endless powder that met us in the end.

Snow led us all the way through January. All said and done, it was one of the biggest January months Alpine has seen since 1970.

You’re always sharing your stories and photos with us; so we tried to keep up with the storms this month to share some of the memorable days with you.

Thanks to everyone for a great January 2010. As this is being written on February 2 the flurries have started once again; so here’s to more great months ahead:

A Month of Snow Storms