Last week Japanese snowboarder Yuya Nakayama asked me where the post office was as he wanted to post a letter back home to his girlfriend. Yuya doesn’t believe in owning a computer and has no time of day for the internet preferring to write letters to people instead of emails. For him receiving a letter means so much more than receiving an email, “no hitting delete” as he put it.

I agreed with him at the time but it wasn’t until today whilst i was waiting for my disposable camera to be developed that i had the same feeling. There’s something so great about being handed a wallet containing photos that you haven’t had the chance to see yet – in todays digital world you hardly ever get that feeling.

So yeah, as i just said, it happened today when i went to pick up my photos for the Million Little Pictures Project. I blogged about this project here back in May. When i was last in the Uk i picked up my little new camera friend and it then accompanied me  on a snowboard trip to France. There are a couple of shockers in there including an image that was taken in my bag but overall i’m super happy with the memories that came out.

There is a timeline that these images follow of which i haven’t remotely stuck to whilst making the mosaic above. The images are random to say the least, mainly a case of where i was at specific times. The one that made me laugh the most was the one from in Zurich airport. I was on a moving walkway at the time and had to keep running back to get the shot. Please check out a better quality image here. I can imagine it now……”Welcome to the Alps, in no time you’ll be able to snowboard like this!” Genius photo editor at work…..

These images will now be shipped off to Atlanta where they will form part of a gallery of 24,000 images from around the globe.

Disposable cameras = good times.

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