Words, photos & video by Nick Martini

One more month has passed since my last update and my knee is that much better! With a healthy diet of therapy and rest I have made dramatic progress. I am no longer wearing a knee brace and I will soon be able to start jogging. I spent the majority of February filming for the new Stept movie entitled NetWork.

I have been making the Stept movies with my brother for six years now, and it’s nice to finally have some extra time to work on the filming for the movie.

I have been trying to do my to best to balance my school work and filming, but with all the snow Boulder as been getting it's been tough stay off the streets!

Nick filming Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan being hoodrat

I had the opportunity to travel to Holiday Valley, New York for the first Salomon Jib Academy of the year. Such a crazy trip, all the locals were awesome and the kids killed it.

Nick MC’in with the young G’s

Hope everyone is killing it out there, keep shredding and enjoy the new edit!!!

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