While searching for sources for a final paper, I came across the word "extimacy." There's no actual, real definition to the word but upon further research and reading I've learned there is a psychological term being coined based on folks practicing extimacy. Eximists.Eximists are folks, specifically men, that take intimate moments and make them public. Whoa. What encompasses this new term? Sex? Is sitting at a bar, trading hook up stories with buddies a practice of extimacy? Probably and I'd bet porn stars are right up there too.Blogging?Where would random "intimate" thoughts such as my favorite songs or, (gasp) cool words I like, go if it weren't for this blog? Jesus, who knows... The idea of extimacy is being explored as we create digital copies of ourselves on the Internet. Reading deeper into this phenomenon you'll hear the word "duality" and the idea that some are investing more time into their digital copy than they are their actual self. Scary. If you don't believe me, google, "Second Life" and go nuts. Again, scary. To be honest, I don't expect you to use the word "extimacy" but I do hope you to take a good, hard look at this entry and come to a few conclusions:1) Rogge is cracking due to the large volume of end-of-the-semester work and lack of skiing. (yep)2) If this guy is already cracking in May due partly to his lack of skiing, How the hell am I going to make it through the summer? 3) Am I spending too much time on the Internet? My only suggestion is simple: GO OUTSIDE. To steal a term from my friends at Voluerz, go get yourself an "outdoor education." Get off the computer and go do something fun with real people and for you Windows users say, "Hasta La Vista, Vista!"If you need me, I'll be outside(where my real-world-self is kicking ass) or on NS (where my digital copy kicks ass)-Rogge