Recently, I was informed that I have passed Steve Stepp on the NS karma scale. I felt pretty bad about this because:1) I didn't know people still used karma 2) I didn't know exactly who Steve Stepp was other than being a skier from PAMy guilt lead to curiosity which then lead to this interview. I think its pretty good. Enjoy and +karma,-Rogge

Basics (Name, Age, Hometown, Sponsors, Nicknames, Favorite Color)Name: Steve Stepp Age:20 Hometown: Camp Hill, PA. Currently in Salt Lake Sponsors: Amplid skis, Full Tilt, Saga Outerwear Nicknames: Green Goblin Favorite Color: Green, Black, and Pink (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?) Who's style do you appreciate?I’m a fan of tons of different styles. I love Tom and Henrik’s gangster essence, but I can also be down with super fluid skiing like Delorme. I’m actually really stoked on Cal Runnerstrum. Kid is gonna blow up huge, I love his style. What do you like about skiing?I love the creativity in skiing. Skiing will never get boring if you can continue to think up new crazy things on both rails and jumps. I also love the feeling of landing a trick perfectly….but who doesn’t!? Where is your favorite place to ski? Park City for sure. There are so many friendly people, the parks are sick, and the pow days are way underrated. Banff Alberta is my number 2 choice. When did you first start skiing? I started racing when I was 12 and stepped into the park game around 13 or 14. I’ve been hooked ever since. Had to quit all the sports I played at the time… gotta shred. How did you get hooked up with Amplid? - Well my good friend Brandon from Pennsylvania ended up working for Amplid, so I figured I’d send him all my ski footy/resumes and give it a try. Im actually real stoked to be on Amplid. The skis are absolutely incredible…most fun park (and pow) skis I ridden so far in my life. (This or that) East Coast or West Coast: Born on the East, Ski the West Hip Hop or Rock: Gimme some gangsta shit! Photos or Video: Both! PC or Mac:They both got the internet right?? Competitive Skiing or Film Skiing: Filming. There’s less pressure, and you can sesh with all your buddies. (Fill in the blank) When I'm not skiing, I'm: - Skateboarding, studying, guitaring. When I am skiing, I try to: Always have fun One aspect of skiing that's overrated is: No part of skiing is overrated My style is: I don’t know, gobliny? On a Saturday night, you can find me: “It look about a hundred-and-two It's a Saturday and Biggie ain't got nuttin to do” Nah, I’m probably chilling with my friends doing fun things. One thing you don't know about me is: You’ll never find out…..LOL A great YouTube (or Vimeo since its trendy) video is: (provide link)Sneaky Cat Em Willie This year, I think I'm going to ask Santa to bring me: Skate 2 If Rogge passes me on the NS karma scale, I'm going to: Hunt him down and be soooo nice to him that my karma will have to go above his.