It’s November 4th in Oregon and the sun is still shining! Windells Academy’s head skateboard coach Jamie Weller took the students to Newberg skatepark for the day. The smiles were never ending, the concrete was plentiful, and the sun would just not quit. All the students were so thankful for Jamie’s encouraging words and helpful tips.

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Newberg skatepark is great for skaters of all skill levels. Whether students were landing tricks that they had never tried before, or getting down their kick turns, everyone was skating with confidence. Academy student Nick Goepper exclaimed, “Skating this park is like riding powder. There are oooh’s and aaah’s with every turn.? It?s safe to say that each student, teacher, coach, and staff member had an amazing day. We loaded up the vans and headed back to Mt. Hood with a big happy Windells Academy family, eager for the next skate trip.

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