While in Portland I only had one day to get a few clips with #SagaFam John Morgan. But if there is anyone who can produce in a moments notice it’s John. Enjoy a day on the ‘crete.

First stop was Commonwealth Skateboarding. A totally indoor concrete park, a much needed facility to keep the Portland thrashers at-bay on those rainy days. Commonwealth was built by Evergreen Skateparks, and they really know what they’re doing.
And tucked all the way in the back was a nice OBEY piece. Take that art nerds, go to art galleries and see “street art” or actually see it in the streets…what a concept.
J-Mo going caveman.
Pop’n Lockn’ all day.
No day is complete without some of this.
Next stop was under the Burnside bridge.
FS Crail on the piller.