As I type this, somewhere in Boulder the last defiant green leaf is surrendering to a power infinitely more powerful and turning yellow. Somewhere in Colorado a snowflake is falling. Snow advisories are in effect again. Skis are being mounted, waxed, and tuned. There is the all telling and undeniable crispness in the air that can only mean one thing- the season for which we devote our lives is on the door step. Winter is fast approaching, and soon the snows will be here stay till next summer. Here is to cold mornings, waking up to snow, and stealing chili from your local ski resort. Here is to new snow days, powder days, and “those” days. Here is to the fact that we are only a few short weeks from ski season!!!

So winter, on behalf of all of my brethren here in Colorado, we are ready for your best shot. SKI SEASON 06’-07’ here we come!!!