In the middle of February we did a trip to Bulgaria, which is not really known for freeriding... because it is so far away. This time I came to the area for a Red Bull Freeride contest. I have made many friends here and they are always bringing me to the sweetest spots, with the best snow.  Basically there are three big mountain chains, so you can choose out of, let's say - six very sick places. One of the best things about riding here is loneliness.  In most places here except ski resorts, you won't meet anybody for the whole day. It is also perfect for riding snowmobiles, you just drop of the machine and can go wherever you want to.  All of the spots are in National Parks, which is something unimaginable in nature parks all over the west Europe. If's somebody meeting you, he's happy to see some foreign and wondering what a machine do you have.

For this time we visited Seven Rilskis Lakes in the Rila Mountains. A Cabin cat is bringing you to the big hut- one of the biggest buildings I  ever seen in the middle of nowhere, we were watching the Couloirs out of the windows, choosing lines and when the weather is sunny in the morning you are the first one, who is skiing.  A single old short lift, long enough to bring you from the lake, where you mostly finish up your run, up to the mountain. So on a good powder day you are getting like twenty lines for about five euros a day. If you start hiking, in one hour you are able to get some serious long runs. One of the most entertaining things on the whole trip was definitely putting a speed rail up to a windlip so drop of the rail was like eight meters drop...

Wild nature, Rakyia and friendly people, that's Bulgaria.

enjoy the pictures,