After all the waiting, patience and irking for snow and the hopes of having our favorite zones cloaked in a thick blanket of powder will culminate with the impending storm headed our way. The thought of a double digit forecast gets the hair on the back of my neck perked and electricity is pulsing in my spine. It’s the pre drop-in jitters and the hard thump thump thump beating of the sternum drum that has been absent in my being for all too long.

Today, was my “Friday”, it went by way too slow… and tonight’s probable sleepless night of anticipation is going to be filled with visions of deep runs and choker face-shots.

Tonight, I will be reciting one of my favorite mantras to the Snow Gods above and hoping those who worship at the altar of EV, will join me and get the positive vibes flowing for the steep and deep… so here goes:

Down thy pull me, down the steeps

I pray thee Ullr, the powder’s deep

And if I fall, immersed in flakes

I pray these mountains, my soul will take…

Hope this get’s the mojo goin. See you all out there the next few days!

Let’s shred hard and stay safe.