Hello hello. This

is Steven Becker droppin a little update about all the good things goin

on in the weirdest lookin state in the US, Idaho. Lately it seems we

have been getting more snow than Antarctica, which my bro, Brandon, and

I have been takin full advantage of. We've been shredding almost every

day at Brundage Mountain, which hands down has the funnest skiing in da

ho. IDAHO. We've been hittin up all our secret BC locations which if

you're really nice or if you are a cute girl we might show you where

they are... if you're lucky and if you come to Brundage. All the fresh

snow also allowed the jolly old Santa Claus easy access to our warm

casa. Unfortunately, though, a not so jolly gorilla welcomed him and

stole all Brandon and mines awesome presents.... new Smith goggles,

Line skis, POW gloves, Full Tilt ski boots, new Nike kicks, and a rad

little pistol that had to be for me. See the video and all of this will

be explained. After this incident, the gorilla decided to use all the

stolen presents to go skiing around McCall, bomb dropping off some

buildings and such. Surprisingly, he was really good at skiing and had

style that was extremely similar to Brandon Becker... hmmmmm...


Brandon and I have also been hitting up some rad pillow lines that are

a short snowmobile ride from my house. They are soooo sick and fun you

have no idea... or maybe you do. But the fact of the matter is they are

awesome. End of story....

Welllll.... While I'm typing this

little update about what's been up in Idaho my friends Nat Hat and

Wyeth are stressing super hard over what we're goin to do for the rest

of the night. We'll prolly end up doin the regular... you know, play

some scrabble and bake a cake....


all of you reading this I hope your Holidays have been very happy and

Santa brought you everything you asked for... aand I hope a gorilla

didn't steal your presents like one did to Brandon and I. Enjoy the

video and photos...

Enjoy the snow and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!