Hey yo! Got to check out the D-Jam over at St. Bruno this past weekend after the office party in Montreal. Not a very great park but with the limited terrain that's available I was thoroughly impressed with the overall turn out and the stoke factor of everyone participating. I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post but I've run into some camera problems as of late. The good news is they've been solved and I'll be providing pics and video for upcoming posts! For now, here's some highlights from this past weekend:-Office parties are always fun at NS but this past one was special. It's probably the last time Doug, Chris, Schmuck, and I will hang out until late spring early summer. Sad, but we've all got some great trips planned over the next few months so stay tuned!-I've partied with Schmuck a bunch of times and I think I've only experienced one night in which he didn't consume a drink out of his shoe. For those of you baffled by this phenomenon, here's the rules of shooting the boot: If you spill your drink, you must poor your next beverage into your shoe and as they say, bottoms up! Schmuck loves to party-Here's a quick way to have fun in Canada while in a bar with "snobby, black booted, Montreal socialites"1) get ready by consuming large amounts of booze. The more the better2) approach the members of the opposite sex 3) this part is key so pay attention. Ask them, "Why do your stop signs say, 'Arret'?" I'm not kidding. The look on their face is priceless and it's a great conversation starter. If they look like they're going to flip you off or are still confused, tell them you're on a high school field trip from America and you can't seem to find your chaperone. Great fun!-Ced the Pirate (NS Celebrity) is a phenomenal human being. Most of you don't know Ced coaches at a school. He loves the responsibility of being a pro and we need more guys like this in our sport. -St Bruno was fun. Got to try out some new Liberty skis. The Larose is fun but the Hazmats are the ski of choice for this guy. So much fun. Check them out! Armadas look really cool next year.-*Note* When doing a shifty in a switch 180, be sure to bring the shifty back around. I learned this the hard way.- Doug Bishop has some serious style on his 180 shifties. I did not learn this style. And now some links!-This is a great piece by John Symms. I'm really stoked this made the front page of ESPN.com. Definitely a great article on Jon's racing aspirations. -I'm pretty excited NS will be broadcasting this event live. I've always wanted to attend and think this is one of, if not THE coolest event skiing has to offer. Way to go Red Bull! - Glad to see this issue is being raised. I know it's something that's been talked about for a few months now. Maybe not the best way to do it but we've got to start somewhere.-This show is making a come back. With all the throw back graphics coming out, it's only a matter of time before we start talking about Dylan, Brenda, and Brandon again. I'm not kidding. I watched three episodes with Bishop and his girlfriend during a snowstorm. Amazing television. What's great is, while I don't like to claim I started a trend, I was clearly on target years ago with this edit. You're welcome. -Last but certainly not least, this video just baffles me. What an asshole. It's cops like this that make cops look bad. The kid was skating. He's 14. What else is he supposed to do? It'd be interesting to see what The Dude would have to say about this.That's it for now. I'll be skiing my local hill of West Mountain this weekend in keeping with the "I'm going to try and ski once a week till the end of the season" goal. I'll be in a red Helly Hansen puffy coat and carrying a buttload of NS stickers. If you see me, come say hello and I'll hand some out. Until next time,-MROfficial "I'm Going To Ski Once a Week Until Snow is Gone" List:Week 1 - Mt. St Bruno D-Jam - notable tricks - switch shifty 180 to death