Esquire recently came out with a "75 Things To Do Before You Die" list for their 75th anniversary. Number 5 on the list was:No. 5: Make a list of seventy-five things you want to do before you die. It’s hard."Psshhh. It can't be that hard. Here's the list I've compiled in no particular order. The key is to be realistic and a dreamer. NS has it's own thread about this very topic, as Jason pointed out to me. Here's there's, here's mine.75 Things Rogge Wants To Do Before He Dies: Take a ski-filled winter road trip across the United States and Canada Have a threesome Drink Jameson in Ireland Move to a foreign country and live there for at least 3 months Cheer for a futbol (soccer) team in a crowd full of hooligans Get an article published in a major mainstream magazine Fall in love and get married Take a trip to Vegas with my best friends Bet on a winner Bet on a loser Visit the Australia Zoo, walk to the crocodile exhibit, and yell, "Crikey!" in memory of Steve Irwin Anonymously donate money to a charity See a Broadway play/musical Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes Attend a political rally for a candidate I don’t support and listen Read a book to my (future) kids and use different voices for different characters High five a stranger Visit Africa Stand for something Throw a charity event Learn how to play the harmonica Own a business Fly a plane Scuba dive – anywhere What the hell, sky dive Order Chinese food in China Ski at an indoor ski center Learn another foreign language Donate time at a homeless shelter Raise a family Own a home and complain about yard work Build something out of wood that’s of use to others Paint a picture Stand on the deck of the half pipe during the ski event in the Olympics Climb one of the world’s tallest peaks Rebuild a vehicle Sail on the ocean Give up something old for something new Keep something old instead of obtaining something new Go a week without any connection to the outside world Do a back flip on skis Make a woman dinner Play a song on the guitar in front of a crowd of people Shake hands with a Presidential candidate and/or United States Senator Thank my parents for everything Buy a beer for a veteran (I stole this from Esquire’s list) Mingle with the rich Mingle with the poor Save a dog from an animal shelter Write an article that completely exposes my feelings, thoughts, and hopes (this one comes close) Grow a garden Send my parents on a vacation just because Sleep in my car when I can afford a hotel Run as fast as I can on the edge of an ocean (think Rocky III montage) Create a family heirloom for my children’s children’s children Destroy one of my fears Find a restaurant and make it the place I refer to as “my place” Learn how to play a game someone else loves Hunt, kill, and cook wild game (stolen from Esquire) Date an older attractive woman Grow a killer mustache (not in March) Call one of those ‘1-800-hows my driving’ and say ‘great!’ Argue a lawyer into a corner Send a Make-A-Wish kid on his or her wish (buying a $2 angel in the mall doesn’t count) When I get home from work and my kid wants to play ball, play ball (Esquire) Have sex one more time with an old girlfriend just because Rock my face off at a festival full of hippies for a weekend Eat in a hole-in-the-wall diner and tell someone it was the best food I’ve ever had Ride the trolley in San Francisco and hang off the side like I’m Danny Tanner (think Full House) Watch a sunset on top of car with a girl and a bottle of cheap wine Let someone else have the chance I missed Find a rival Have a beer with my relatives in Germany Walk down Abbey Road Write a novel about my experience chasing 1-74 Just trying to live the dream,-Rogge