The title says it all. 7 feet of snow fell in the cottonwood canyons over the course of just 4 days. What's even more astonishing is that this occurred in the month of May! This was four days in a row of waist deep blower powder. When powder days like these come around this late in the season, you tend to smile a bit wider and cheer a lot louder because you know its icing on the cake. I'm definitely ready for summer, but I sure won't turn down a powder day in Utah, no matter the season.

^^^ Day one of the storm. Cars were already buried in little cottonwood canyon
^^^ You could have told me it was January and I would have believed you.
^^^ The snowbird snow cam documents the snowfall beyond its capacity. I went to snowbird for the first time in three years. Caught the first tram on day two of the storm after 46 inches had fallen. It was an amazing day.
^^^ Zach Siebert makes a chest deep backside slash. On May 2nd, Zach and I went out to catch the last day of the storm. Most times its hard to shoot a snowboarding picture that truly shows how deep the snow is, this was not a hard thing to do on may 2nd.
video:Wasatch Spring Skiing in HD