Hey There!

This morning, as I walked out my door to go for a run, I noticed 3 small yellow Tulips poking their heads out of soil.

If you’re living in Colorado, or have been following the snow at all this season, chances are you’ve spent the past couple months burrowing through bottomless pow a time or two, inhaling the white goodness, laughing out loud, lovin yourself some sweet, sweet skiing..

I know I have…

As Ol’ Man Winter slowly begins packing up and things like Tulips and birds begin to reappear, Icelantic would like to invite you to join us in celebrating one of the best seasons in history with a little Spring get-together tomorrow night

at our new showroom.

If sheer celebration isn’t enought to get you in the door, here’s a list of 7 reasons to make an appearance at First Friday:

1. 70 Degrees in Denver: Grab your friends and your sunglasses and head to your favorite outdoor patio to bask in the sun and have a refreshment before strolling the Art Walk.

2. Fresh Jefferson: Our favorite funky, booty shakin band will be performing live from 7pm on. If you’ve never been to a First Friday when they’ve played, you’re in for a treat.

3. Jed Norfleet: Artist/Photographer extraordinaire.

Back by popular demand – you will love his work – and you will be able to meet him and support his Costa Rica habit

Check him out: http://www.jedderphotography.com/

4. Tommyknockers: As always, our Favorite local Brewery, Tommyknockers, will be providing refreshingly delicious beverages.

(loosen you up a bit for Fresh Jefferson)

5. Icelantic Gear!! For one night only,

we’ll give you 15% off of ANYTHING you buy from our showroom… Yes, dates included…

6. Rockies Opening Day!! If you get a bit

too crazy at the Rockies season opener, hop

in a pedi-cab and make your way over to us!

Dance the game away.

7. It’s April Fools day, so there will be plenty of opportunities to well, ya know…

As always, our doors are open and the

evening is welcome to your entire family.

SO grab your favorite peeps and swing by.

We look forward to seeing you!

To Tulips…. and Spring POW!!


P.S. Be prepared for 15% off:

Our Flannels are almost out and we only

have a couple Sherpa Hoodies left….

Get ready here:


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