6ON.4F Brits Bog No.1So, after a twelvehour journey, during which we met up with the Summerhayes girls and JoshFawcett, we finally made it to Laax, Switzerland. And may I say the RocksResort are the most awesome apartments I have ever seen. We arrived to be toldthat there was a 2 hour wait for our apartment, so we decided the rails at thebottom of the slope were the best way to pass the time.Practice day went offwith a blast, looking around all I could see were people happy to be back onsnow again and others who were happy to see all they’re British friends again.People are already throwing down all day, with some cork 7’s and switch cork5’s off the big kicker. Snow conditions weren’t great as the snow began to heatup as the day went on but everyone was still so stoked to be there. The Britsis going to be an amazing week like every year and I am looking forward to whatis to come…http://www.6on4f.co.uk/