As summer roles on and the August days start to shorten ever so slowly, there's a small quantity of people in the world itching for the first snowfall of this upcoming winter. If you aren't living in the southern hemisphere then unfortunately that snowfall happens to be a few months away. So in the meantime check out the trailers for these films set to drop this fall. From the Alaskan backcountry to the back streets of Russia you'll be able to catch all these films for free right here on Newschoolers. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of all these films sometime in the upcoming months.

The Golden Age - Gavin Rudy

"The Golden Age is the story of six Summit County skiers, told through a grandfather's memories some years in the future."

Bon Vivant - BRS

"BRS presents their second movie which isn't as much a ski movie as it is an instructional video on how to live that bon vivant lifestyle that we are all striving towards."

Empire - Marco Jørger

From Marco - "We had no budget but that wasn't any problem because all you need to make a movie is a camera and a couple friends having fun."

Finito - The Bunch

With the third and final chapter of their trilogy, The Bunch released this teaser in January. The most talked about crew on Newschoolers will not disappoint with this much anticipated film.

The Boolers Ball - Hoodcrew

This is Hoodcrew's annual full length film so not much more needs to be said but if you need more than that then check this from the crew, "The Boolers Ball is a fictional place that only exists in your subconscious similar to lala-land. You have lived it out in spiritual dreams and have been there during your highest moments in real life too."

Shaping Skiing - 4frnt

In their fifth annual feature film 4frnt's newest flick will feature pro team riders Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson, Cam Riley and Thayne Rich.