Yesterday was qualifyers for the Ruka Fabolous slopestyle in Finland. I had a bit of a struggle to get any runs in at all in the training, and things started to look dark. Both Marius and Klaus had doubles in their run, and I didn?t. But it started out allright, and I got in the finals with 8th place after qualifiers.

A run consisting of switch 9 mute ? funky 7 truckdriver ? frontflip out of the launch box ? 270 in 270 out of the handrail ? 270 switchup 270 on the kinkbox.

In the finals things went a bit better, and I went up to shocking 5th place, which I am pretty stoked about!

Sig Tveit won the whole thing, with a smooth run with a lot of style. Right now I am on a plain that refuses to take off, due to ice and snow on the machine. Really boring to wait on ground here in Helsinki.

Video from the finals and training ->