Kai over at DigitalRev put together this video that offers photography advice in burst mode: 50 (or 49) short and sweet tips in less than 15 minutes. If you take yourself too seriously, be warned: the tips are presented in Kai’s trademark “infotainment” style.

If you’d rather not watch the 13 minute video, here are the tips in text form thanks to Reddit user blufox4900:

UV filters are a waste of time

Lens hoods aren't a necessity

If you're not using the hood, put it away

Don't treat your DSLR like it's your baby

Stop hating on others

Get cheap lens caps

Pack light

Use a zoom for convenience

Prime will make you think more

The 35mm is the most practical one lens setup (on the 1.5 crop)

The 50mm looks better

Better cameras don’t make better photos

Know how your camera works before you go out to shoot

Always be ready for the shot

P-mode isn't just for beginners

Bump the ISO if needed

Auto ISO is your best friend

Rely on the Rule of Thirds

Take lots of shots

Don't take photos of any old sh*t

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough" — Robert Capa

Contemplate your shot

The best equipment doesn't help if you're not standing in the right spot

Sharpness is overrated

Concept is king

Don't look like a wrongun (i.e. a creep)

Don't drink and shoot

Shoot when you're full of energy

Sometimes it feels great to wake up really early and shoot

Think about what light you want

Emulate the style of the greats to get started

…but don't keep doing it

Photography is as much a reflection of the person taking the photo

Shoot to please no one apart from yourself

Discreet or direct — it isn't all that important

Setting themes keeps you focused

Change things every once in a while to keep things fresh

Everyone has creative blocks

Be critical of yourself

"Seeing is not enough, you have to feel what you photograph" — Andre Kertesz

You need to be there with the camera

The relationship is about you and the subject, not you and the camera

Stop chimping

Be brutal when it comes to deleting awful photos

Show only your best work

Changing photos to B&W doesn't make an uninteresting shot interesting

Look at other people's work

Post your work online, let others critique your work

There is no easy way


(via DigitalRev via Reddit)