Ever tried a Cab spin? Cab 1, Cab 5, Cab 7??? The original Cab spins come from skating but snowboarders too use this terminology whilst spinning switch frontside.

If you get lost in the above sentence then its time to start reading up on some skate tricks but for the rest of you you’ll all know too well the influence Steve Caballero has had on skateboarding.

I was lucky enough to get five minutes with Steve last weekend as he visited Monster Skatepark in Sydney in a trip over from America. I had a bit of improvising to do as my lightstand and umbrella got smashed up a few nights before in the snow. with a tall helping hand and a beat up cupboard i was able to get a few shots before he got warmed up on the vert ramp. And what can i say? At 44 years old he is still killing it and looks right at home dropping in.

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