Sam Stannard, a 16 year old secondary school student received a measly certificate and pen for achieving a perfect attendance record over the past 5 years. After each year of a 100% record, the student was entered into a prize drawing for what he was really after - an Apple iPad - unfortunately he never came out on top.

Stannard describes how he even missed out on family ski trips, "I started going in everyday, and when I was ill I didn't feel ill enough to stay at home, and then after a few years I realised I had not had a day off school... My family goes on holiday skiing most years, and when my whole family went in February, I didn't go."

After not getting chosen for the prize drawing once again and witnessing a peer with the same achievement win a laptop, Stannard admits, "If I could go back I probably would have gone skiing." Yea, ya think so bud.

Can you imagine that? This kids out here not missing a single lesson in 5 years, literally stays home while his whole family ups and leaves him to go skiing. So what's the lesson we've learned here today kids? Skip class and go shred!