1. Red Bull

You won't be getting much sleep, so this is your only option to stay up till the late hours. Unless of course you dab in the whole Coffee-Baileys ordeal, Red Bull will both keep you awake, and is a great mixer- two birds stoned at once.

2. Poutine

You'll need a metric shit ton of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds in your belly if you want to keep partying through the night. If it's 3AM you should be making your way to La Banquise to eat Quebec's finest dish.


3. Hydration

And I don't mean water. "Hydration first safety second" - Matt Sklar. The Newschoolers Launch party is tonight at TRH bar. Whatever you drink better be coming out of the "FUCKING FLABANGO™".

4. Tinder

What better way to hit on the girl three rows in front of you than to match with her on Tinder. The only French you should be learning is French Kissing in the back of the theatre but really if all else fails just say "Tu veux-tu fourrer."

5. Sleep... not

You won't get laid if you go to bed before last call. Montréal nightlife goes all night you should too... don't be a pussy.

Drama Llama doesn't give a fuck.