At Newschoolers, we love to get the community involved because community is at the heart of what we are. That’s why we do Q&A’s, that’s why we make sure we get out on the hill and shred with other NS’ers. It’s obviously really fun, but crucially it helps to shrink the distance between average-joe and pro skier, and man, it’s cool when a guy like Tom Wallisch or Tim McChesney or Chris Logan takes time out to respond to you.


It’s in that spirit that we’re so stoked to announce the return of 5 Questions With, a video series featuring your favourite skiers answering your most pressing questions. The series was put on hold following the 2013 season but it’s back now, with a vengeance. The likes of Noah Wallace, Khai Krepela and Forster Meeks have already signed on to shoot this year, and there are more waiting in the wings.


5 Questions is the perfect opportunity to get closure on that thing you just need to know - what’s your favourite pro’s favourite run; does he ever get scared to try a trick; what’s his favorite breakfast cereal?? So start thinking, start scheming and look for the first thread dropping into ski gabber later this week. As Banks Gilberti put it, “maybe I can give you a little insight into my life, or something.” Let’s hope!

Let us know who you'd like to hear from this season, in the comment section below!