Straight out of Conway, NH, 5th month old skier prodigy, Erica Wright, is poised to take the freeskiing scene by storm. She's only 5 months old and she can already ride in a straight line, even if that line involves a butterbox or small jump. "We just send her straight into some tiny features and about 10 percent of the time she comes out with that sick 50 50 shot we needed for her next sponsor me edit!"

Currently her father Jerry says their instagram account has about 15,000 followers, but he's hoping to triple that once she learns a safety grab.

Jerry say's they've run into some problems on the slopes. "A lot of ignorant people don't understand why we're in the XL park hiking rail takeoffs to get that perfect sidejump 180 shot. They say things like "get out of the big park" but they just don't understand how special Erica is to skiing"

"If we keep her in private coaching 7 days a week for the next 15 years, there's a very good chance she could make it to the Oympics! At least that's what we're banking on. Imagine what that would do for our sponsors and social media!?" Her parents and coaches have set up a rigid schedule of trampoline, weight training, and some airbag work that should be able to mold Erica into the type of skier that could really sell well!

Erica doesn't talk much at all really, and seemed much more curious about the dog tied up nearby than answering my questions. That said, it's pretty obvious that the future of freeskiing is about to change forever, and this little girl is going to make it happen!