Check out Witt Foster, Tyler Barnes, LJ Strenio and more sliding the UT pavement, rails and ledges and dropping into the Utah cliffs, powder and booters in the latest installment from 4bi9 Media.

4BI9 is much more than a film company… It is a movement, a crew, and a group of friends who all share the same passion for skiing. It is our goal to bring you a collection of images that not only give you a perspective of some of the most progressive riding to date, but also remind you just how fun skiing is. Watch as the 4BI9 crew embarks on a new adventure- one of groundbreaking feats, strange people, crazy times and epic proportions. Parks are slayed, handrails shutdown, and backcountry zones shredded until nothing remains.

It is at this time that we proudly present our 4th full-length film, Gunnie Season.