The 4bi9 media friends and family premier at the Downstairs bar in Park City is becoming somewhat of a tradition after it’s second year. All the friends show up, watch the newest 4bi9 Media film and then proceed to let their pre-winter anguish out in it’s most primal form, by partying of course. You might say this is the, “grown ups” only, children need not apply, end of premier season sender, No ID, no go (just ask Keefer). Luckily, I stayed for the premier when everyone was civil but I can’t speak to much for the second half of the night, we’ll let those stories stay with the respective owners. Thanks again to Aj and the whole 4bi9 crew for always keeping it light and entertaining, already looking forward to next year.

These guys look like they’re having fun…
The infamous Jeff  “polar bear” Kiesel and Ryan West.
Hi Tyler, Hi Kaitlin.
First comes movie time.
Then comes party time.