Its been two years since we first approached this idea. Lets see, the idea came up a lil' something like, "Yo, what about instead of freezing our asses off in a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere mid-winter, we get the team together under the sun?" I was like great, I'm always down for Mexico! Then as we thought about it more, it made perfect sense that we'd just take over our favorite summer camp and party it up, in the sun and slush! Genius.

Matt throwing down in the park and Steele Chilling with some campers.So on we went with our idea to the powers' at be at Camp of Champions...after a few chin swipes and a head scratch later, all we heard back was, "Well, if you're really going to bring the team out, we better get your credit card on file for the that team house deposit!" Awesome, we laughed and shook on it.
Niklas Karlstrom and CR JohnsonHere we are, a month out and its on! I rolled up to Whistler a couple weeks back (check the news archive titled, "Whistler with the team,") where I shredded with a camper and the team for a weekend on Blackcomb. I rolled through the COC office and caught up on camp details and found out that Session C, our team week session, was already sold out! I'm like, "Hell yeah, I told you I would push numbers..." and they're like Matt, the majority is snowboarders! "What, stop the press!" I exclaimed. It was our week, we need more room and so we it was decided, we would take over another zone in our housing complex to expand Session C's enrollment and open 40 spots exclusively for skier campers.
Eric Hjorleifson and Vincent DorionThat's right! Session C is still open for Skier's only! To learn more about it all, visit Camp of Champions and sign up today and come shred.
Matt Hayward and Even Sigstad4FRNT team riders to include Eric Hjorleifson, CR Johnson, Matt Hayward, Even Sigstad, Shidasha Holmstead, Wiley Miller, Luke Van Valin, Keltie Hansen and more.
Shidasha Holmstead and Wiley MillerThanks for the killer low down Matt on the 4FRNT, Freeskier week going on during camp C.! If you haven't signed up for camp yet, space is going fast so sign up soon!-.