So I just happened to look in my kitchen. I found a bag of jellybeans. It was a bag of JellyBelly with 49 Flavors. I thought to myself this could be the greatest food invention ever or could be such a disaster. So I open the bag, an aroma of popcorn, apples, peanut butter, cotton candy, cinnamon, and all the other 44 flavors. This aroma was horrible, I thought again maybe this is just a trick of smell. So I put my hand in the bag and pull out a tangerine jellybean. It was delicious. So after about 15-20 other flavors I was like maybe I could make some crazy combinations. This was a horrible idea. I reached in the bag and grabbed out coffee flavor and licorice. This taste made my taste buds frown in disappointment and horrible taste. So I was like maybe it was just bad luck, lets give it another shot. So I put my hand into this plastic holder of 49 flavors of candy. I pull out Latte and Plum. I thought I was going to puke up a plum latte mess. I held down those two horrible flavors. Again I thought maybe just bad luck. Plus the 3rd time is the charm right? So I reach in again and pull out Peach and Chocolate Pudding. This was the last straw I spit out this nasty concoction. Now I have made my decision JellyBelly has the worst flavors a jellybean company can make. I am going to have a public service announcment saying Do Not Combine any flavors of those nasty 49 flavors your taste buds will never forgive you. I have made my decision to never mix and/or match flavors of JellyBelly jellybeans EVER!