Release Date: September 15thAvailable At:The Freeskier Magazine Podcast on iTunes & Freeskier.comVideo Length:15-20 MinutesProduced By:Kris Ostness (Teddy Bear Crisis ring a bell?)Available Download Resolutions:HD 720p .mov, 480p .mov, 640×360 .m4v(blah blah blah)Riders:Chris Benchetler, Kevin Brower, Brandon Becker, Dylan Natale, Angeli VanLaanen, Tim Durtschi, Jossi Wells

Kris has been working hard this summer editing away, and since this movie is free you don't have to bug your friends to let you borrow their copy of the movie, which you probably would have neglected to return and then your friend would never let you borrow his ski movies anymore, and you would have to buy all your own ski movies and then you wouldn't have any money to buy lift tickets, and then you would have to watch ski movies instead of skiing and that is no fun at all, thats why free ski movies are fuN!