With 7 hours to kill in Stockholm airport i’m able to reflect a little on the trip thats just happened. Back in October i hatched a plan to attempt an early season filming trip with Level 1 Productions Kyle Decker and Swedish skier Niklas Eriksson. The Stockholm big air event would be a perfect starting point as we embarked on a 12 day adventure, quite literally to the top of the world joined by skiers Will Wesson and Sig Tveit. Now usually i’d be tempted to run down how things went but the story and images that accompany it are so unique that i’m going to keep them to myself for now to be told another day.

I did keep a little image gallery over on my Facebook Fan Page with some fun memories to check out. And here’s a shot for you. 12 day trip, 44 hours of sunlight. For the brief time the sun is in the sky you really have to make sure you get little gems like this.