I decided for my New Years resolution I would make a goal of something I feel like I can actually achieve. A few of my friends have done the project before and it is a really good idea, so I decided to take on the 365 days project. Basically you take a picture everyday for a year. I am super excited about this year, I have a feeling it is going to be my best year in photography. So this will be a good way to capture my year in photos, and record my progress within starting up my career in photography. Below are the first 5 images of my collection. Every week I will post the 7 photos from the previous week, with a short paragraph about the photo. I hope you all enjoy!

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So for my new years goal I decided that I am going to do the famous 365 project. 1. It will help me to capture what I believe to be my best year in photography, and 2. It will help me to learn to write better blogs about my photos.

So for "Happy New Year 1/365" Couldn't do much else beside hang out with good friends a great girl friend and some champaign.... I hope everyone starts of the New Year with a positive note!

©rocmaloney photography

McRae Williams

So if you don't know .. this was not taken today.. I just got finished editing the photos from the Usana Rail Jam on New Years Eve in Downtown Salt Lake City, UT. This is one of my favorite photos that I got. McRae doing what he does best, absolutely destroying everything. Check out newschoolers.com in the next few days that my friend Kevin Scherwin and I put together. The rest of the photos from the rail jam will be up in the next day or so.

©rocmaloney photography


Time "3/365"

I find myself sitting up in my bed, thinking of all of these cool ideas for photos. Or I just can't sleep...

©rocmaloney photography

2 1/2 Years "4/365"

I have been together with my wonderful girlfriend for two and a half years now. She is absolutly amazing I love her more than anything.

Taken on my Iphone with the bestcamera app

©rocmaloney photography

Egg Sandwichs from George " 5/365"

So my friends Austin, George, and I decided to wake up early and go skiing. Theres nothing better than an egg sandwich with sausage. George is an awesome cook, he make the most delicious food.

©rocmaloney photography

you can view all of these photos and more at my website at : http://flickr.com/photos/rocmaloney

Happy GTS to all

Rocky Maloney

rocmaloney photography