352 days. That's a long time to rest, recover, and not be able to ski. Other's would get bummed out and go through the motions of rehab with no end goal, not Jon though. Jon set his sights on making a comeback to the park scene after several years chasing the dream of getting to Sochi on the Swedish downhill team.

On September 28th he announced his return to freeskiing, "About 10 days after I had my surgery I woke up one morning and looked straight up in the ceiling with one thought in my head, I need to start jumping again, I want to do a comeback in Freestyle. This was a thought that had not crossed my mind once in the last 6 years as I was so focused on my ski racing goal that I refused to let any other thoughts in my head."

Myself, along with the rest of the freeskiing world, couldn't wait to see what Jon had in store for us this winter as he slowly made his comeback.


Primepark Sessions

Day 2 on skis looked promising for Jon. Following some of Euro's top pros (Elias Ambuhl, Luca Schuler, and others) in to the jumps to get his feet back under him and gain that much needed confidence. Fast forward to yesterday and Jon is really getting comfortable with his jump game and his knee.


Got that double game back!

He updated his blog today, as he does everyday, with this "I guess yesterdays session was a little to much for my knee at this point, went up to the park this morning but once I got up there I made the call to chill in the sun instead of shredding as I felt a little sore in my knee. Not bad at all but I need to find a balance on how hard I push at this point, if I push to hard I might have to take a longer break so I think its smart to take one day off instead! So I sat in the sun end just enjoyed the sun for a bit while Luca skied."

Smiles all around!

In an interview with Downdays, Jon hinted at the triple, "I hope so. But it will take a while... Since I had so many years of not jumping, it will take a while to get used to the big jumps. I think, technique-wise, I am super ready for a triple."

Stoked to see Jon's updates as the year progresses and he gets his game up to speed!