This morning I spent some time trawling through some of my favourite photography blogs to see what they’ve been posting – the array of great tutorials, videos, hacks and advice I found was amazing! What a great time we live in where we have so many great resources to draw on.

Following is a collection of 27 links and videos from around the web that I enjoyed today. Please share them with your own networks!

Dirk Dallas Shares his Favorite Phoneography Apps, Tips and More

Weddings: Poses for the Groom and Groomsmen

Ian Ruhter – interview with self-taught tintype photographer on the process, stubble and journey behind making the largest wet plate print ever

Steel Wool Light Painting Explained

The story behind a wonderful photo of ‘The Archangle Duck’

Where Do Images Go When You Import Them to Lightroom?

How to Make a High Key B&W Portrait

Working a Shot

The World’s 25 Most Beautiful Travel Photography Destinations

Not Your Average Prom Portraits

Image Collection: collection of images that photographer Chip Litherland took of behind the scenes with Miami Heat in their Locker room

It’s not a Camera? It’s a Visa

Virtual Lighting Studio – cool new online tool!

DIY: How to Build a CFL Based Continuous Light Source

How to Shoot from the Hip

The back story of a NYT front page image taken in the Oval Office

Expose for the Sky

How to Create a Ghostly Photo Effect

LED Lighting for Photography

DSLR 101: Auto Bracketing

4 Tips for Editing Photos in Photoshop

The Drama of Backlighting

A Thing or Two about Twins – Photographing Twins

Three Pro Photographers share their workflows from shutter release to finished images

Plus some cool Photographing Videos:

Behind The Scenes with Surreal Portrait Photographer Rob Woodcox from Mike Wilkinson on Vimeo.

Also check out an interview with this photographer here.

Shoot-Out, GPP 2012 from gulf photo plus on Vimeo.

What’s Hot on dPS

And to finish up – here are the 10 posts from dPS that have had the most interest in the last couple of months.

Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Female Subjects

A 15 Minute Exercise to Help You Improve Your Photography in 2012

24 Beautiful Dawn Images

33 Inspirational Images that Feature Pattern and Repitition

Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Men

6 Ways to Add Drama and Mystery to Your Images

How to Shoot Through a Wire Fence

27 Beautiful Black and White Portraits

5 Tips to Transform Your Photography With Long Exposures

25 Dreamy Images Shot Wide Open

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31 [+10] Cool Photography Tutorials, Tips, Videos, Hacks and How To’s from Around the Web