3 weeks and a day later. I started my epic journey on Wednesday July 16th,

and returned home Thursday August 7th. Here’s in short what occurred between leaving and arriving


So we left Boston to Atlanta

Wedsnday afternoon and overnigthed there.

The next day Thursday july 17th we left from Atlanta to

Seoul, Korea nonstop to visit my brother who’s in the Army stationed over

there. We arrived in Korea around

Midday Friday. We then took a bus

from the airport to out hotel, The Grand Intercontinental Seoul, (really nice

hotel). The next day (sat.) my

brother Ben arrived and we met up with his old principal from the school he

taught at 3 years ago when he was a Fulbright scholar in Korea. The next day Sunday we toured around

Seoul and went to a place called Dr. Fish. Here you put your feet in a fish tank and these little fish

nibble at the dead skin on your feet, it was a really fun experience. The next

day on Monday we left Seoul to visit Ben’s Army base Camp Casey. We overnighted in the town next to it.

Then we left my Brother at his base took a bus down to the airport at Incheon

and left Korea for Osaka Japan.

We arrived in Japan that afternoon,

and took a bus to out hotel. On

our first day in Japan we went to an observatory which had really sick sights

of Osaka. Next we toured Osaka

Castle, and finally we went on a harbor cruise on a boat called the Santa

Maria. Really awesome views from

the water. And on the way back a

quick stop at a Japanese McDonalds.

The next day, Friday July 24th we left Japan to go to

Hawaii. We left Japan Friday night

and arrived in Hawaii Friday morning so I technically traveled back in time.

We landed in Honolulu and had to

standby and not make about 8 flights before a seat finally opened up. We flew to Kauai, where we met my other

brother Blair. We drove up to our

timeshare which had a beautiful view of a golf course and the ocean in the

distance. On our first day we went to Hanalei bay which had a cool Pier where

people were jumping off of and Blair and I did as well. The next day Sunday we went to Anini

beach and I did some snorkeling/ relaxing. Also, almost every night we had great sunsets, which are

also in the slideshow. Then on

Monday we went on a boat cruise to the Napali coast and had a blast, the captain

was dope and let us see the turtles and dolphins and caves up close. Then on Tuesday Blair and I took a surf

lesson at Poi Pu beach and it was sick, we got up every time. Then we went to some other beach the

next day which had huge waves, and I pwned them. On Friday our last day we went

back to Hanalei for a couple of hours, but then drove back down to Lihue, and

flew to La. I got no sleep on that

flight so I lost a night of sleep.

Once we landed in LA we bolted for

a flight to Minneapolis but had to split up because there were only two

seats. Blair and my dad took the

and went home, while My Mom and I waited for the next one to standby on. Luckily we made it, and my Mom and I

drove down to Redwing Minnesota to visit some of her friends. We went to the town parade which was

cool. We also saw a water skiing

show dope. Then the next day My

mom and I drove to St. Olaf College where we had lunch with the president and I

got a tour and an interview. I

loved St Olaf and it seems like a really good fit but the only problem is the

price ($43,000 out of state tuition)!

We then left on the 5th of August to fly down to Chicago to

visit my grandma. But on the

flight ot Chicago we got diverted to Milwaukee because of that crazy lightening

storm, so my mom and I decided to overnight in Milwaukee and save some sleep

rather than arrive on Chitown at 1:45am.

On the way down I ate at my first White Castle. While in Chicago I also

did my first gainer at the wave pool.

Good times. Then finally on Thursday August 7th after taking

1796 photos I was home. THE