Today my day went from unbelievable sucky, to fantasticly good! Woke up at 0300 AM with terrible pains in my stomach. After beeing awake for an hour, I rushed to the toilet puking half-way into the bathroom all over myself and the bathroom. When I was done with the worst puke-session I have ever had, I figured out the toilet-seat where down.. You figure out the rest!

I felt better this morning, and got up in good time for slopestyle practice at 0900 am.

Everything went okey all day, just feeling a little slack. I qualified into the finals, and you can watch the final at FRIFLYT-TV.

I ended up second place by the seniors, with unbeatable Thomas Dølplads at the top of the podium. Christopher Frankum took third.  This was an incredible action-forfilled 24-hours to say the least. Reality at it’s best!

Now it’s dinner time and party on!