Today was the last day of the Winter Dew Tour stop in Snow Basin, Utah. Today began at 8am with a short 1-hour practice before finals started. Everyone in finals was bringing their A game with very tech, stomped runs. Almost every athlete scoring in the 80?s or higher.

TJ was looking really good in the beginning of his first run but missed his pop on the switch double 900, landing on his head and side. The crash looked really bad and the medical staff were reluctant to even let him stand up. After clearing a neurological exam and tracking down a new helmet, TJ headed back to the top to do his second run. Although suffering from a concussion and a soar body, he managed to lay down the tricks he had planned for his first run and stomped it! The results for slope finals are as follows;

Tom Wallisch ? 94.75

Andreas Hatveit ? 93.63

Bobby Brown ? 93.25

Sammy Carlson ? 91.25

Jossi Wells ? 87.38

Phil Casabon ? 85.75

Elias Ambuhl ? 84.25

Alexis Godbout ? 84.20

Ian Cosco ? 84.13

TJ Schiller ? 84.00

Charles Gagnier ? 83.00

McRae Williams ? 81.00

Now that the second Dew Tour stop has finished up, TJ is going to be skiing at Park City for a few days shooting with Poorboyz, Chug, and Walker. Be sure to tune in for the updates about everything leading up to the X-Games.