The results are in from the 2018 Olympics men's slopestyle qualifier. Result number one is that men's slopestyle skiing has hit a ridiculous level. The Olympic course and conditions were flawless and as predicted, even making the finals today took a stellar run. Sadly, the Olympic judges seemed to throw the points for rails/line choice out the window somewhat and give a couple of huge scores for 'standard triples' (if that phrase can ever be used). However in qualifiers at least, I think this largely changed the ranking, which seems way off, rather than who made it. McRae, Finn Bilous and one or two others have the right to feel a bit shafted in my opinion. It was dope to see the skiers open up the potential of the course they've been built because the top section was somewhat wasted on the snowboarders but unfortunately, they generally didn't seem to get rewarded too well for it. We've done our best to call the runs for you but in real time it's mental. Shoutout Matt Sklar and Jamie Walter... I wish we had on command replays. Without further ado, our best coverage and the results for the 2018 Olympic men's slopestyle qualifying.


Run 1:

- Right off the bat McRae Williams put down what was almost THE textbook slopestyle run and established the standard of 81.60. Clean rails all ways, dub 12 to switch dub 10 to switch dub 12 at the bottom.

- Woodsy: Switch 2 pretz 4, Air over the goal posts a la Red Gerrard to front 2 off the rail, switch 4 the gap to down, left triple 14 off the wu, dub 12, switch right dub 10 octo. Insane. BOSS. Low 90s.

- A Hall: Switch right 2 continuing 2, left 360 polejam disaster on the dfd, gap 270 from bowl to rail, r dub 12, switch dub 9 truck, left dub 12 seatbelt. Best rail run of the day but he did sketch on the bowl transfer. 69.8.

- J Hunziker. Sw left 2 to forward, lip 2 pretz 2, right 2 cont 2 the down rail, right dub 10 the wu, left dub 12 blunt, sw left dub misty 4 safety.

- Teale Harle: Wallie over rainbow 2 on 2 out, sw3 disaster 50 180 out the dfd, biig disaster to straightslide, dub flat 10, r dub 12 blunt, switch dub 14 mute. Dope run, should have scored better!

- Goepper: Rainbow to tranny to left 2 p2, switch 2 cont 2, right 2 pret 2, left dub 12 blunt, right dub misty 10, right trip 14 mute. 92.8??

- Oystein: Super fed, sw right 2 to tranny opposite superfed the dfd, sw right 2 disaster cont 2, left dub 12 mute, switch right dub 14 lead safety, switch left dub 14 leading blunt. 83.2. Slightly sketchy on a couple of rails.

- Andri: Switch 2 forward rainbow (early off) to 2 cont 2 the downrail, sw rodeo 4 the hip to fswap pretz2 dfd, switch on kfed, right dub 12, sw dub misty 12, triple 16. 95.00. Weak rails, very confused by the score.

- Gus: sw 2 disaster pretz 2, sw 2 tranny on the box to left lip disaster 4 cont 2 the dfd, right 2 pretz 2, right dub 12 mute (I think), HUGE switch dub 9 japan from the quarter to gucci, left dub 14 blunt. 88.

- Elias: 'Cliff drop' to rail 4 out, flat 3 to k fed (this looked like a mistake...meant to be a super fed), lip 4 disaster, switch dub 10 dub grab, switch dub 12 mute, dub 12 blunt. 89.6 somehow.

Run 2:

- McRae: Scrubs and it leaves him dangerously close to the bubble.

- A Hall: Switch 2 gap cont 2, tokyo drift wallie left 3 disaster to p2 the dfd, 2 out of the bowl transfer to rail to switch but early off, switch right dub 10, to switch dub 12 safety, dub 12 seatbelt. 77.8. Bubble.

- Ferdinand Dahl: Wallie over the rainbow to left lip 2 to switch the down rail, switch 3 the hip to sw 2 on (off a bit early), switch 4 on, right dub bio 12 (opp carve), switch right dub 14 blunt, switch left dub 14 safety. 89. Bumps AHall to 12th.

- Teale: Wallie over rainbow to right 2 cont 2 the down rail, switch left 3 switch 5050 180 out the dfd, huge disaster gap, left dub flat 10 safety the wu, right dub 12 tail, switch left dub 14 blunt. 91.2. Should be first.

- Oystein: Cleaned up his whole run. So bolts. 93.3.

- McEachran: 4 on to kfed out, switch 270 into the pipe to rail slide to front swap front 2 on the dfd (crazy line), kfed, alley oop left double 12 'Evan grab', sw right 12 Japan, right dub 12 dub japan. So insane through the rails and sadly that's A Hall eliminated.

- Oscar Wester: lip 4 pretz 2, switch 2 disaster cont 2 the dfd, right2 pretz2, right dub 14 blunt (dodgy grab), left dub flat 9 japan from qp, switch right dub misty 12 mute. 95.4.

- Dollo: Nooo can't keep it together and sadly he's out.

- Finn Bilous: lip 2 pretz 2, box slide to right 4 disaster DFD, sw 4, right dub 10 tail, l 12 mute, switch right dub 12 with the mute to late japan. 85.0 he's on the bubble and McRae is gone.

- Tasei Yamamoto: right lip 4 cont 2, right 2 the hip to left 2 cont to the dfd, switch right switch 2 cont 2, left dub 10 mute, right dub 12 mute to truck, dub flat 12 bow and arrow. Such flail but actually a dope run. Only good for 70s.

- Gus: Improves to 90.8. sw 2 p2, switch 2 box left 4 disaster cont 2 out DFD, r2 c2, right dub 12 mut , qp takeoff switch dub 9 Japan, left dub 14 tail.

- Wacko: Zero spin line.

- ABM: Switch left 2 cont 2, 270 hip, 4 disaster, right 270 disaster to forward, left dub bio? 10 safety, right dub 12 high lead mute, switch triple 12 safety. 94 somehow.

That's it for the guys who qualify. Plenty of drama, plenty of mental scoring from the judges, who admittedly have an insanely hard job to do. There was some major inconsistency in that qualification so lets hope they can get it dialled for the finals.



1. Oscar Wester - Watch His Top Qualifying Run Here

2. Andri Ragettli

3. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

4. Oystein Braaten

5. Nick Goepper

6. Teal Harle

7. Gus Kenworthy

8. James Woods

9. Elias Ambuehl

10. Ferdinand Dahl

11. Evan McEachran

12. Jonas Hunziker