From new wave pros to Olympic hopefuls, our lineup this year is more stacked than ever. You can hang with The Bunch during Session 1, shred the lane with Alex Hall Session 3, or even watch Keegan unleash complete madness on some rails Session 5.

Check out this years Takeover™ Sessions now and stay tuned for additional announcements with more Takeover™ Pros to be announced soon!

Want to come to camp? Sign up before Feb. 1, 2017, and save $200 per session using the code "EARLYBIRD222".


Session 1 (June 17 - 24, 2018)

Magnus Graner

Lucas Stal Madison

Par "Peyben" Hagglund

Session 2 (June 26 - July 3, 2018)

Karl Fostvedt

Lucas Wachs

Tim McChesney

Session 3 (July 6 - 13, 2018)

Khai Krepela

Alex Hall

Maggie Voisin

Session 4 (July 15 - 22, 2018)

Torin Yater-Wallace

Aaron Blunck

Devin Logan

McRae Williams

Session 5 (July 24 - 31, 2018)

Andy Parry

Ethan Swadburg

Jonah Williams

Keegan Kilbride