The Atomic Bent Chetler has been the go to powder ski in the Atomic line since its inception in 2009. Since then it has evolved, slightly narrowing from 123mm to 120mm and adding Horizon tech, Atomic's boat hull shaped tip technology. But for 2018-19, there is a smaller brother, the first Bent Chetler not entirely aimed at deep snow days. Chris & Atomic have expanded the line to include a new version of his classic ski: the Bent Chetler 100. According to Chris, the 100 is "has a perfect flex...great for park guys like Nicky Keefer & Jackson Wells to hop on it and not wash out when they're sending jumps in the park."


Chris goes on to discuss the ski in the livestream from Atomic. (2019 Bent Chetler 120 & 100 start at 11:00)

What do you think of the new Bent Chetler 100? Will you be picking it up for your quiver?