Like a few other brands this season, most of Salomon's new products are aimed at the backcountry market, but they have not forgotten about the freeski market. There is a new Park ski the TNT and the NFX and Rocker series of skis remain with updated graphics.


122 - 85 - 112

Size tested 171

The TNT is the replacement to the Threat. The Threat was a foam core, price point ski which was not a true twin. The tail was significantly lower then the tip but the skis were actually still quite fun in the park. They were light and soft and I rode a pair for a few months a couple of seasons ago and really enjoyed them.

The TNT is quite a step forward compared to the Threat, they are a full wood core and have a redesigned shape now featuring some slight rocker in the tip and tail. The rocker profile is not like that of the Rocker 100 and is more like early rise. Unlike the NFX they have a cap construction giving a softer overall flex then the NFX.

The only size they had for testing was the 171 which is a little short for me, I would prefer the longer 176 length but I can handle a 171 when I have too.

At the top of the lift was a nice groomer and I had the chance to lay down some turns. The edges hooked up really well, there is a lot more stability then the Threat and I was pushing the skis pretty hard. The flex is certainly softer then the NFX but the pop was still just as good and the skis felt light and easy to move around. The shorter length and the softer tails did make me a little concerned about stability on landings but the skis held up really well and Im sure in a longer length would have been even better.

The softer tails are easier to butter then the NFX and in general the skis are basically a softer more playful version of the NFX. Whereas you would use the NFX on the biggest jumps and jibs the TNT would be more fun in the slower jibs and could make a good urban ski.

Like a few brands are doing, Salomon have kept the price low on the TNT at $399, so the TNT could be a great first ski, however experienced riders will have just as much fun without having to spend a fortune. If you like the idea of the NFX but prefer a softer ski check out the TNT.


122 - 86 - 115

Size tested 181

The NFX remains unchanged but sports new graphics, I like the look of the new graphic and I think it really helps finish the ski. Read my full review of the 2015 NFX here.

Rocker 100

131 - 100 - 124

Size tested 186

The Rocker 100 remains unchanged other then the change of blue. The Rocker 100 is positioned in the range to be just as happy in the park as out in the powder. Looking at the ski they have a very similar profile to the ON3P Jmo or Kartels, skis I am a big fan. The flex is mid soft in the tip and tail but the ski does firm up underfoot which should help the skis carve well.

I headed up and instantly found that the skis did indeed carve very well, you do have to be a little more upright then on some skis with less rocker but they were very stable at speed through the mixed conditions. The rocker profile allowed the skis to release easily and even with the very sharp edges the skis pivoted very easily, something I really like on the larger skis in the Rocker series. The rocker profile also helps to give the skis a very playful feel, the actual flex is on the stiffer side for a park ski but the rocker really helps keep the tip and tail playful.

Buttering was very easy and there was still plenty of pop in the skis. I would certainly suggest you ski this ski slightly longer then you would a conventional park ski to help maintain the stability with the rocker.

The skis felt pretty light and were easy to move around in the air. I could certainly see these being a great all mnt park ski, and riders like Jarred Martin are using these exclusively as their park ski.

If you like the idea of a wider park ski with rocker definitely check these out.

Rocker 108

132 - 108 - 125

Size Tested 182

The Rocker 108 has been in the range for a few seasons now but this would be the first time I had skied them. I owned a pair of the Rocker 122 and really liked the way they skied so I was hopeful the 108 would be just as good.

Comparing the 122 and the 108 the skis are very similar. They both feature a large symmetrical rocker with a near symmetrical but still directional side cut. One thing I really liked about the 122 was the light weight achieved through the cap construction and the hollow tip and tail. In deep snow cap construction can work fine as the skis are not often being edged hard but would the cap construction of the 108 allow the skis to carve hard.

I headed to the top of Red Chair in whistler to find out. Straightaway the skis felt very similar to the 122. They were easy to pivot, light and you can scrub off speed very easily. The softer flex makes the tips and tails really playful and it was incredibly easy to butter the skis. The underfoot flex is firmer and the skis did carve ok. They are certainly not the best carving skis I tried all test, but they are some of the most playful and fun to mess around on.

They handled the deep snow outstandingly, I am a big fan of the symmetrical rocker as it gives a very stable mid point to the ski. Mounting wise I do think you can go pretty close to center with these skis. I would say -2 to -3cm from center is the sweet spot but some people I know center these skis.

They would suit a smaller skier for a powder ski or make a great all round ski for a more playful skier. You certainly can still get some good speeds on them and they do a great job of cutting through wet heavy snow, but if you like to edge hard and charge every where, you may prefer skis from Salomon's Q range such as the Q105.

Nice to see Salomon spared no expense on models to launch the new skis

This is the last of my 2016 Ski tests for the moment. I was hoping to bring you a "core" brand that rhymes with bramada but they declined to allow me to review the skis.

I am hoping to get a few pairs of 2016 skis to do full reviews and also a few pairs of boots including the new full tilts, but if there are any skis you would like to know more about post in the comments.

Check the review system for all the new gear being added and as ever if you have gear you like, add a review.

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