Line and Eric Pollard have changed up his line of pro models this season. The Magnum opus remains unchanged but gone is the Opus, replaced by the Mordecai. The Bacon remains in the line but has been redesigned. All 3 skis now feature Lines cloud core which allows line to build wider skis but keep the weight down to a minimum.

Having skis older versions of the opus and bacon I was interested to see how the new skis would stack up.

Magnum Opus

148 - 124 - 146

Size tested 188

It had snowed quite a bit overnight in Whistler so I decided the biggest of the three skis would be a good option to start. Although this is not a new ski I had not previously had the chance to try them so this was a first try for me.

I was up early so at the top of my test run I found plenty of deep snow and the Magnum felt perfectly at home. The ski has an almost surfy feel to it and its very easy to turn it deep snow.

Lower down was more cut up, and the snow was heavier but the Magnum had no problems at all. The tips drove through the wet snow and the flex felt supportive and stable.

On hits the pop was good but the real surprise was just how light the ski was, it was not until I was in the air I realized just how light they were. For a ski that is so light they really don't get deflected by heavy snow at all and they drive just as hard as any other ski. Whatever line has done with these skis is certainly working.

Lower down where the snow was even wetter and you had to stick to the one groomed trail and the skis did struggle a little to carve on the hard snow, but no ski this wide would perform great in those conditions.

Overall I was very impressed, for such a light ski you never feel like you will over power it.


141 - 114 - 138

Size tested 184

The next ski I tried was the new Mordecai. You can really tell picking the ski up from the rack how light it is, but like the Opus I hoped it would ski just as hard.

I was not disappointed. It handled the deep snow almost as well and the Opus and I never felt like I was having to lean back. The early rise gives a very consistent float while still maintaining a good amount of effective edge and camber to allow you to drive the skis.

In the cut up, heavy snow the Mordecai was if anything even better then the opus. The smaller size really allowed the ski to maneuver quickly yet when you hit heavier snow the ski still felt powerful.

It had great pop and again the light weight made the skis really easy to move around. On the firmer snow lower down the Mordecai was amazing. It really carves well and has a lot of power but when you want to be a bit more playful or get air borne it will allow you to get away with some mistakes. Its a forgiving, powerful ski if that can exist.

I really was extremely impressed by the Mordecai. As a wider freeride twin they are one of the best I have tried.


136 - 104 - 132

Size tested 184

Its fair to say I was not the biggest fan of the old bacon. I found them heavy and a little lifeless. Well problem solved. The cloud core again delivers a really light weight ski which in this case could easily be used as a wider park ski.

The flex felt nice and buttery but the ski had more pop and more energy in general then older versions.

The narrower underfoot size also helps make the ski more nimble and its very fast edge to edge. It handled the heavy snow well but did get deflected a bit more then the other two.

Lower down on the harder slopes it really carved well. I could see these being a really fun all mnt park ski. I think the light weight in the park would be great and would make some tricks easier.

They are a big improvement over the older versions and along with the other two skis I was hugely impressed. The Mordecai really was one of the best skis I tried all test and from someone who did not really like line that is big.

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