2016 Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro Model

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So it turns out Full Tilt were trolling us all when it came to the Tom Wallisch and the B&E Pro Model Boots. They had no plans to discontinue two of their most popular boots, but rather than showing them off back in January at SIA, they have waited until the release date to blow minds. Whether you like their release strategy or not, the new boots are not simply updated graphics. This season also sees a change to the way the boots fit.

Last Season, the Wallisch used the Soul Shell (99mm) and the B&E used the Original (99mm). This year the Wallisch again uses the Soul Shell (which is NOT the same as the Original) but the B&E switches to the all new 102mm Evolution Shell. However, other than the shell, the 2016 B&E and the Wallisch are nearly identical. Both come with a six flex tongue, an active foot board and the top-level pro liner which means, that this season rather than picking the graphic you prefer you can actually pick the best fit for you. I have narrow feet, so for me it has to be the Wallisch, but I think it's rad for my fat-footed compadres that there is now a legit wide option on offer.

Tom loves these boots and saw no reason to change the shape. Just the awesome new graphic then.

The big plus of the Soul Shell over the Classic for me is the greatly improved cable track ratchet. I used to burn through a fair few of those per season but the new one seems bomber. They also fit me super well right out of the box, I can ski them with no work at all, though I do mold the liners for extra comfort. The slightly expanded toe box of the Soul Shell is just that tad more comfortable than the Original too, athough I can ski those without issues too. Monsieur Wallisch is stoked on his new boots and answered a couple of questions about them for us:

The man, the myth, the legend on the left, a dancing penguin on the right... oh wait!

What makes the Soul Shell such a great boot for you?

The boot is so light and simple and seems to wrap and form fit perfectly to my foot. I just love it. I'm so comfortable in my boots even on the first day out that it just really can't be beat.

What was the inspiration behind this year's colorway? Why no cable covers this time?

For this season with the boot we really wanted to do something unique and different. I've done a variation of sneaker designs throughout the last few year and loved each and every one, but I really wanted to switch it up a bit. The boot is a overall a pretty standard black/white with yellow accents. I wanted to design something that looked fairly normal from a distance but has a lot of character once you get up close to it. The main part of the boot is covered in tons of hilarious cartoons of penguins doing funny vacation/beach type things. Some are snorkeling, surfing, drinking fancy drinks with umbrellas in them etc. I personally find it hilarious, It more or less looks like a form of black and white camo from a far, but has a lot going on up close

What has the pro model journey with Full Tilt been like?

It's really cool to have had a promodel for so many years now... staring off with the original sneaker designs and seeing it all explode has been really cool. It's awesome to have input every year and try to come up wit something new and different time after time.

The B&E and the Wallisch are available on Full Tilt's website now and they should be arriving into shops any day now.

So there you have it, Tom's perfect boot. Having spent quite some time in the Full Tilt line, I have nothing but good things to say. If you're riding a beat up pair of old Original shells, I'd definitely recommend giving the Soul Shell a go for some added comfort and durability with near identical performance. Plus, dancing penguins?! I cannot wait to get my pair.

So what do you think of the new Pro Model's and the way Full Tilt hid them away until now? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Tom and Josh Malczyk for all the info, and finally a shout of to tompietrowski for helping co-ordinate this launch!

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