Words & Photos: Matt Sklar https://www.facebook.com/MattSklarMedia

When someone mentions the PNW, what comes to mind? The Space Needle, rainy weather, coffee, evergreen trees, and flannel are usually what people think of. Now look even deeper…each and every winter some of the raddest snowboarders and sickest skiers in the world descend upon the snowy Cascade Mountains to glide down the steep and snowy slopes. The PNW has the one of the best mountain cultures in the world, now it is time to create a winter event that showcases what we do here… to the world!

The event, hosted by Stevens Pass, definitely lived up to the hype, minus the rainy weather as temperatures soared into the 50s under a bluebird sky and the boys at Poor Boyz fired up their cameras. The course for the slopestyle portion of the event was comprised of a small jump or canon rail option, a jump of about 50' and capped off with a big 'ol wallride.

The top section of the course

The lower jump and wallride

Things started out mellow with the riders figuring out the speed, which proved to be pretty tough (just ask the snowboarders, they were casing hard all day) with the warm weather and slush. That didn't last long though, and the big tricks were brought out right when the 2 hour jam session started.

The small top jump forced riders to focus on smaller more stylish tricks, while the canon gave them a chance to show off some rail skills.

Jamie Baril zero spinning the first jump

Anders Fornelius tucks up for a misty 630 out of the cannon

Rory McCabe getting stylie of jump one

The warm weather and location right at the base area brought out plenty of spectators

The bigger jump number two and slushy landing gave the riders the perfect opportunity to throw some big tricks. We saw three riders, Jake Salvador, Ronnie Alumbaugh and Kieth Matsumura throw their first double flips, and more dubs from the other riders, giving a look into the future of these PNW rippers.

Trey Fornelious showing us how to grab nose

Mike Knape

Josh Wirta throwing down with Poor Boyz GTS'ing

Woman's Winner Kristen Strobel

Pro Mens Winner Lucas Wachs

Pro Men's 2nd Place- Jake Rouches

Jake Salvador Riding Wall

Pro Mens 3rd Place- Anders Fornelios

Some highlights from the Ams include a giant double front flip from Ronnie Alumbuagh, a double flatspin from Jake Salvador, and a laid out double back from Kieth Matsumura.

The women were throwing down all day too, with Kristen Strobel repping hard as the only woman to enter the big air portion of the comp.

There was dowright craziness in the Mens Pro category, with doubles flying everywhere. Hudson Knoll threw what was probably the cleanest trick of the day with a massive dub cork 10. Misty 630 out of the canon and a switch dub 9 brought Anders Fornelious to a three way tie for first place with Jake Rouches who brought the style all day long, and Lucas Wachs who threw a beautiful dub 10 in one of his runs. As the only rider not to fall all day Lucas Wachs walked away with the win.


Anders and Lucas

Mens Pro

1st Place- Lucas Wachs

2nd Place- Jake Rouches

3rd Place- Anders Fornelius


1st Place- Kristen Strobel

2nd Place- Eli Miller

3rd Place- Courtney Smith

Mens Ams

1st Place- Jake Salvador

2nd Place- Trey Fornelius

3rd Place- Ronnie Alumbaugh

Big Air

Walking home with a 2013-14 season Pass to Stevens Pass was ski big air winner Josh Wirta (Left)

Check out the video coverage from Poor Boyz Productions!


A big thanks to those who made the event possible!

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