About Me/Summary: - 5'10", 80kgs, decent level powder skier, currently on 191 ON3P Caylors, wanting to try the S7s as I had heard so much about them. Tested them up at whistler, good range of condition bit of pow, bit crud,heavy, ice a good mixture for 'demoing'

I got a chance to demo these today up at whistler. I managed to ski them in a got variety of conditions, powder,deep concrete, Crud,Slush,Groomers and Ice. In the powder they were great they were so responsive and easy to use, of sketchy situations was no trouble for the S7s and I had total confidence they would do what they wanted on my feet they felt light and manoeuvrable, however landing cliffs etc they didn't feel as stable as I would have wanted them to be. After a couple of powder runs I ran into some deeper snow that was heavy and a nightmare to ski, with the s7 no problem at all, again very confidence inspiring. Once I took theses out into the cut up crud these felt shakey at speed and didn't bust through it as well as I thought they would/should have and do not what ever you do take these anywhere near moguls. However in slushy snow they were no trouble at all and were an easy ride. On groomers there is a little bit of chatter but not a terrible amount, I didn't really feel like I could rail groomers carving was an issue on theses where as my ON3P caylors which are wider have a much better on piste ability.

Overall these skis are an easy to use fun ski for the beginner/intermediate powder skier, they are not the quickest and on the 188s, I found I was wanting more ski ski (bear in mind I'm only 5'9"). THey are responsive and pivoty, I think they would be a good tree-skiing ski, if you're looking to charge big lines go with the super7s