A few recent events changed my perception of social media. So far when I redid my website a few yeas ago, I wanted to jump in the social media bandwagon, opened multiple account on the most popular networks like facebook, twitter, flickr, this blog? but ended up hardly not using any. I felt there was a potential, but never really found the way to use them, what to say, what to write, to share, what tone to use ? and was absolutely horrified by how much time it sucks out of your day.


I had time to think of it, and with my recent switch from Canon to Nikon gear, I sold more than 80% of my gear in 2 days through Facebook ? I couldn?t believe it. This plus other things decided me to take new years eve resolutions right now at the beginning of July concerning my online activities.

I’m now planning to post at least once, preferably twice posts per week on my blog, post a couple of times per week pictures on my Facebook page, 500px, Flickr, 1X, Google+. And also to use LinkedIn and Viadeo.


I?m starting subject series on this blog:

- The story behind the photos.

Explaining the story, the process, the difficulties, the reflection and teamwork that happened during the realization of some of my photos.


- People I like to shoot with and why

Explaining my photo relationship with some of my favorite to work with athletes like Adrien Coirier, Sebastien Chaigneau, Kilian Jornet, Guerlain Chicherit, Flo Bastien, David Sougey, Francois Bon and Antoine Montant.


- Places I like to shoot at and why

New-Zealand, Tignes, Chamonix, Corsica, Annecy, ?


- Genre of photography i like/shoot and why

action, lifestyle / reportages, architecture, panoramas/360VR, teamwork with agencies, Black and White, my love for photography as a whole?