You love being out of bounds, charging big open slopes in deep snow. Sometimes this means you climb but you love that too. Your ski needs to be strong and solid on windblown hard sections and even groomers when you’re skiing runouts. You want the most versatile wide ski you can get. Most of all you want the ultimate tool for going fast on the steeps and in the deep. The Peacepipe features the 115mm waist and 14.43M turn radius provide the best planing and turn shape for actually carving turns in powder and soft spring velvet. The Pow Camber has the most early rise and reverse sidecut in the tip for effortless, catch-free skiing in all snow conditions, even heavy crud. The Razor Cut sidecut gives this wide ski incredible edge grip on the hardest snow. Comes in size 169, 179, and 189. Feel free to visit to place your order today!