Teams are set!

Public Team Captains:

Jason Arens

William Durden

Joe Singer

Rob Armenti

Shain Stafford

Mary Ingalls

Standouts from last year are as follows and pre-qualified as 2010 team captains:

Standout Production -Trent Palmer

Standout Production -Martin Rubio

Standout Rider – Jake Devine

Standout complete team Skiing(action) – Boone Skiis

Standout complete team Snowboarding(action) – Smokin Snowboards

Standout Most Viewed – bHappy

Standout Most Fun Factor – Johny Brady

2009 Winner – Team Moment

Wildcard – Knife Show

Wildcard – Dangerzone

Wildcard – Traveling Circus

Wildcard – Academy Snowboards

Team Captains will be receiving details via email later today

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