I am embedding the video here, but I highly recommend you click the "HD" link on the video and watch it there, it looks much better!This is the moment you have all been waiting for.  Skijosh.com proudly presents, the February edit:skijosh.com - February Edit from D. Joshua Christensen on Vimeo.I am not sure why, but it was hard to find time to edit this season. I have a bit of footage, so over the next few weeks I will be releasing a few edits of me and my friends skiing in Utah. This entire edit was shot with a GoPro HD Hero camera. They are awesome little camera's, I highly suggest you pick one up for yourself. It has been a while since I have edited, but I threw this together in one afternoon. It turned out fairly well. After watching the footage from February, I think I might be liking the helmet footage more than the chest mounted camera footage. What do you think?There is a lot more footage to come over the next few weeks, so sit back, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy!-Constructive feedback is always appreciatedSong: Vampire Weekend vs Mike Snow - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance.