Finally here. All 2010-2011 skis are available for presale. We’ve been busy these past few weeks finishing next years skis and graphics, breaking down parts of our shop to streamline our process and make room for more equipment, and going through what has proved to be an surprisingly intensive hiring process.Considering how things went last year, we definitely have a lot to prove and are determined to make sure all skis ordered for the presale are delivered before the snow starts falling. As such, we are limiting the number of skis we are selling on presale (also ensuring we have skis in stock once the season rolls around) and expect this to only run for a limited time. As of now, I expect it to run a few weeks at a minimum, but that will all depend on how close we are to reaching our set presale goal.All pre-sale skis will be delivered by the middle of October, but we expect them to start shipping out much sooner than that.CUSTOMERS FROM LAST SEASON – If you plan on ordering skis this season, wait just a bit. We have something in the mail for you.Once the new factory is completely finished, we will post it up since we have some cool new tools and everything will run much more efficiently.I will keep the wordiness to a minimum and just show off the graphics we’ve been working on these past few weeks. Very excited to say the least and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. Thanks!Billy Goat - 186cm/176cm - 140/116/125I made some changes to this ski and am very happy with them. We kept the rocker profile the same, but gave them much lower camber underfoot, increased the sidecut length by 5cm in the tip and tail (same rocker profile, though), and made the waist and tail slightly wider. As of now, we don't have a 191cm listed. Honestly....I think the Cease & Desist skis as well as a 191cm BG would. BUT if I get enough interest, I would considering making them.

Wrenegade - 191cm/181cm - 141/113/128191cm remains unchanged, 181cm becomes a bit softer throughout. Both the Wren and Caylors were done by a new artist (Trevor Woods, who did our bases last year). A bit of a departure from our typical style, but some variety is a good thing.
Caylor - 191cm/181cm/171cm - 148/120/140
Cease & Desist - 191cm - 145/126/130
Vicik - 186cm/176cm - 134/104/124New ski, minor half twin to make it easier to attach skins and kick turn. Similar profile to wren, just a touch softer.
Jeronimo - 181cm/171cm - 126/96/120
Blue Steele - 181cm/171cm - 113/85/113Now offered only with tip/tail rocker. We made both rockered/non-rockered last year, but at this point we are so confident and happy with the rockered park ski design, we felt there was no need to continue with normal cambered skis. It also gets a slightly stiff core profile.
If you have any questions, your welcomed to shoot Rowen ( or myself ( an email.

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