Please take notice towards the bottom, Durtschi was wearing a Pee Coat!

With that said, Session 1 was freaking sweet!  Below are the pictures that speak for itself.

Campers Elliot D and Coach Durtschi Helping Out

Liam Downey and Young James Strapping Down

A New edition to Windells Concrete Jungle

Gap Through Trees at Windells Concrete Jungle

Durtschi with Campers in the Famous Timberline Lodge Elevator

Sharkins Riding up Windells Private Lift

Campers Loving the New Lift

Shot from the Lower Park

Pee Coat

Coach Witt Foster Going Big

Young James

Will Wesson

LJ Strenio Airing over Campers

Thats all for now.

More Pics and Updates from Session 2 very soon!